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Wednesday, Dec 16th, 11:00 am — 12:15 pm (PDT) | 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm (EST)

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We will discuss the following aspects and uses of Reg A+

- Advantages of using Reg A+ for your IPO

- Choice of method to IPO to the NASDAQ

- Underwriter involvement

- Marketing and costs

- Liquidity for Insiders and early investors

- OTC IPO how and why to take this approach

- What it takes to perform post IPO

- Raising $75 mill for divisions of large…


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The SEC has decided to increase by 50% the maximum offering amount under Tier 2 of Reg A+ from $50 million to $75 million per year, effective 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.

Note that companies that already have Qualified their Reg A+ will be allowed to file a Post Qualification Amendment with the SEC to increase the amount of capital sought in their Reg A+ after the change is effective.

The SEC announcement has caused some confusion by referring to "secondary offerings" being increased from $15 mill to $22.5 mill, because the term "Secondary Offerings" is often associated with Public Companies that are listed making their Secondary Offerings to raise up to $50 mill per Secondary. …

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Edoceo Devices

Building compact and portable test devices to detect COVID-19.

Edoceo is raising $20M with their Reg A+ offering to fast-track development of a testing platform Called V-Detect, their SARS-CoV-2 Virus Test for use in Doctor’s offices, Clinics, and Airports.

- Results in under 30 minutes

- Affordable

- Accurate method that greatly reduces false positive and negative results

- COVID-19 test based on RNA amplification

Anyone can invest — Minimum Investment $580

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Rod Turner will discuss the characteristics to look for in companies raising capital through online crowd-investing;

- The advantages and risks of investing in early-stage private companies

- The types of online offerings, including debt, equity and convertibles

- The differences between Reg CF, Reg D and Reg A+ from an investor’s perspective

- The different types of companies that tend to have success long term

- The types of companies that may have difficulties long term

- Positive characteristics to look for

- Signs of high-risk companies

- How to regulate your own investment activity

- Investor Liquidity

Questions and Answers — You are welcome to send us your questions ahead of time. We will also answer live questions toward the end of the Webinar. …


  1. What is Reg A+? — Reg A+ investors
  2. Frequent misconceptions about Reg A+
  3. Rod’s background
  4. What Manhattan Street Capital does
  5. Why Reg A+ over Venture Capital(VC)
  6. Why Reg A+ is good for Biotech — Reg A+ Biotech success stories
  7. Reg A+ Timeline
  8. Costs and Marketing
  9. Broker-Dealers
  10. Marketing methodology
  11. Minimum/maximum raise
  12. Post Reg A+ liquidity
  13. Reg A+ IPO vs S-1 IPO — advantages and disadvantages
  14. Mistakes to avoid
  15. Q&A — Is there a litigation risk because of the non-accredited investors?

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Rod Turner

Rod Turner is the founder and CEO of Manhattan Street Capital, the #1 Growth Capital marketplace for mature startups and mid-sized companies to raise capital using Regulation A+. Turner has played a key role in building successful companies including Symantec/Norton (SYMC), Ashton Tate, MicroPort, Knowledge Adventure and more. He is an experienced investor who has built a Venture Capital business (Irvine Ventures) and has made angel and mezzanine investments in companies such as Bloom, Amyris (AMRS), Ask Jeeves and eASIC. …

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We are seeing more Biotechs choose Reg A+ to raise capital. Reg A+ is a great fit for Biotechs that have strong consumer appeal or that are clearly poised for rapid capital appreciation. In this webinar, Rod Turner will be discussing Reg A+ Biotech offerings and both the obvious and the subtle nuances of making your Reg A+ a great success.

Webinar — Thursday, Oct 8th, 11:00 am — 12:15 pm (PDT) | 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm (EST).

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Topics that we will…

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Regulation A+ is a type of offering that allows companies to raise up to $50 Million per year from the public — both from accredited and non-accredited investors.

Regulation A+ dramatically improves the funding prospects for companies that are too small to make a regular IPO on the NASDAQ, or which do not have access to a Private Placement or to Venture Capital or simply want to retain control of the company. It has completely changed the prospect of raising capital, giving start-up, mid-stage, and late-stage companies the opportunity to raise capital from many smaller, individual investors, who become owners of shares in the company. While of course, Angel investors and professional investors are encouraged to invest too. …

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Webinar Host — Rod Turner, CEO of Manhattan Street Capital

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Reg A+ has been steadily growing (up 41% in 2019 over 2018) but many people are not aware that Reg A+ can be used to take companies public to the NASDAQ. Rod Turner will be discussing the advantages and the “how to” of using Reg A+ for your IPO. He will also discuss post-offering investor liquidity options for non-IPO Reg A+ offerings.

Topics that we will cover:

- What is Reg A+

- Advantages of using Reg A+ for your IPO instead of the usual…

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Manhattan Street Fund — Second Price Tier Closes on August 20th — Invest Now to lock in the current price.

Invest in companies making Virus Medicines, tests and Vaccines and Pre Reg A+ companies for their public offerings.

The Fund intends to conduct a Reg A+ offering to raise $50M at a price of $4 per unit. By investing now in this Reg D 506(c) Convertible Note, your investment (if/when Qualified by the SEC) will convert into liquid Reg A+ securities at a significant discount from the $4 Reg A+ price giving you a stepped-up value on your investment. The conversion price will increase from the current $1.40 to $1.50 on Aug 20th. Make your investment before Aug 20 to lock in the $1.40 …


rod turner

Serial entrepreneur, leader, expert in mergers, scaling up businesses SEC compliant ICOs, Reg A+, IPOs. Optimal health. CEO

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