As the SPAC Landscape Shifts, Manhattan Street Capital Launches SPAC Finder Matchmaker to Enable Funded SPACs To Easily Find Suitable Acquisitions

As SEC Guidance Brings New Deals to Near Halt, New Forum Helps SPACs Find Affordable and Optimal Target Acquisitions

SAN DIEGO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — In a move to enable SPACs (Special Interest Acquisition Companies), Manhattan Street Capital, Inc. ( has launched the SPAC Finder MatchMaker Forum, making it easy for funded SPACs to find attractive targets to acquire and for acquisition prospects to identify and approach suitable funded SPACs.

“In short, we’re enabling the backlog of Funded, post IPO SPACS to reach their fullest potential during a newly challenging context, before their two-year investor refund deadline hits”

This efficiency is especially important in the current market, as new SEC guidance that reinterprets the accounting for Warrants has brought the landslide of new deals in Q1 to a near standstill in Q2 2021. The search functionality in the SPAC Finder Matchmaker can help to rectify this situation by enabling SPACs to identify and engage attractive targets that are best suited to the SEC’s new warrant approach.

Manhattan Street Capital is the premier online fundraising platform that helps companies IPO and raise capital using Regulation A+ and Reg D, Regulation S, NFT or Blockchain offerings and Rule 144A offerings.

“With the SPAC MatchMaker, participants can now avoid the surprisingly inefficient online search process of today’s Internet for this specific purpose,” said Rod Turner, Manhattan Street Capital chairman and CEO. “We have built an efficient system for quickly and easily finding the optimum counter party for SPACs.”

“In short, we’re enabling the backlog of Funded, post IPO SPACS to reach their fullest potential during a newly challenging context, before their two-year investor refund deadline hits,” Turner adds.

Company members of Manhattan Street Capital have resoundingly applauded the new forum, which is available now.

Turner invites SPACs and Prospects to check in frequently as interest and participation is growing rapidly.

Manhattan Street’s founder and CEO Rod Turner is an expert on Regulation A+, IPOs and M&A.

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