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Five Reg A+ offerings on Manhattan Street Capital raising up to $180 mill — In Real Estate, AI Marketing, Biotech & Golf

ERC Homebuilders Inc. — Max raise $50 mill. Anyone can invest

ERC develops “build-to-rent” homes to capitalize on market demand driven by the cultural wave of millennials who seek single-family living, without the costs of buying their home.

ERC Homebuilders 1 pays a dividend at the annual rate of 8%, paid monthly, with the potential for appreciation in preferred share price over time. Minimum investment $500.

CloudCommerce — Max raise $20 mill. Anyone can invest

CloudCommerce uses advanced data science to deliver digital advertising solutions to a $129 billion market.

CloudCommerce will pay investors an annual dividend of 10%, paid monthly. Minimum investment $500.

CalTier Realty — Max raise $50 mill. Anyone can invest

Multi-Family and Commercial real estate fund.

Multi-Family properties produce steady cash flows while maintaining lower volatility when compared to other real estate types. CalTier is based in San Diego, California. Minimum investment $500.

GolfSuites 1 Inc. — Max raise $50 mill. Anyone can invest

GolfSuites is focused on bringing hybrid-golf centers for year-round play, entertainment and game improvement to millions of people in a fun and friendly environment.

GolfSuites 1 pays a dividend at the annual rate of 8%, paid monthly. Minimum investment $500.

InSitu Biologics — Max raise $10 mill. Anyone can invest

Biotech company focusing on the development of AnestaGel™, a long-acting non-opiate, non-addictive painkiller. Minimum investment $2,460.

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Rod Turner is the founder and CEO of Manhattan Street Capital, the #1 Growth Capital marketplace for mature startups and mid sized companies to raise capital using Regulation A+. Turner has played a key role in building successful companies including Symantec/Norton (SYMC), Ashton Tate, MicroPort, Knowledge Adventure and more. He is an experienced investor who has built a Venture Capital business (Irvine Ventures) and has made angel and mezzanine investments in companies such as Bloom, Amyris (AMRS), Ask Jeeves and eASIC .

Manhattan Street Capital, 5694 Mission Center Rd, Suite 602–468, San Diego, CA 92108.

We are paid to promote these offerings.

See the Conflict of interest details for Manhattan Street Capital here.

Serial entrepreneur, leader, expert in mergers, scaling up businesses SEC compliant ICOs, Reg A+, IPOs. Optimal health. CEO

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