• Rachel RamjattanCFRE

    Rachel RamjattanCFRE

    CFRE passionate about helping people & non-profits change the world, nonprofit tech & social media geek, trainer, and writer. Happy wife, mom of 3 and quilter.

  • Mentorem Academy

    Mentorem Academy

    working on fixing education for communities looking for change. Sharing experiences, thoughts, and ideas on here. www.mentorem.org

  • Katya K.

    Katya K.

    “..please give me a cappuccino before I pass out.. I need a mugger.. I need a heavy, healthy injection of cynicism right now”

  • Carlos Sarmiento Anguiano

    Carlos Sarmiento Anguiano

  • Robyn D. Shulman, M.Ed

    Robyn D. Shulman, M.Ed

    Named #1 Top Voice, LinkedIn-Education, Writer at Forbes, Certified K-9 Teacher, Executive Editor, Founder EdNews Daily, Education Journalist.

  • John Gurnick

    John Gurnick

    I like what is current, what is interesting and what works - technology, music, sports, social media, change, marketing and startups - Simple Always Wins!

  • Cecilia Scolaro

    Cecilia Scolaro

    Cecilia Scolaro, born in Genoa, lives in Amsterdam, building Responsible Design at foryouandyourcustomers

  • Giselle "Gigi" Bisson

    Giselle "Gigi" Bisson

    Storyteller for social change. Technology marketing consultant. Author of the upcoming book: “Burning Management.”

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