How To Use Reg A+ For Your SPAC Up To $75M To The NASDAQ — Interactive Indexed Video

  1. Disclaimers and Rod’s background
  2. Big Picture View
  3. Details — Advantages and disadvantages of Reg A+ compared to a conventional SPAC
  4. Tripping hazards
  5. The two types of IPO methods
  6. Underwriters
  7. Marketing, Costs, and Timeline
  8. Post Reg A+ liquidity — OTC listing
  9. Mistakes to Avoid
  10. Q&A — Does Manhattan Street Capital help with Marketing?
  11. Q&A — How do you think the industry will respond to this use of Reg A+
  12. Q&A — Raising money from non-US investors
  13. Q&A — Is Debt or Equity more attractive?
  14. Q&A — Recommendations to mitigate risk
  15. Q&A — Reg A+ vs Reg D
  16. Q&A — Can you cover what a regular SPAC is?
  17. Q&A — Acquiring plans
  18. What does Manhattan Street Capital do?
Rod Turner, CEO



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Rod Turner

Rod Turner

Serial entrepreneur, leader, expert in mergers, scaling up businesses, Reg A+ & IPOs. Optimal health. CEO