Rapid, Accurate COVID Test, Save Lives With Low-cost Insulin, Crop Treatment Increases Yields By Up To 40%, Alternative Real Estate. MSC Investment Op

Identify Sensors Biologics

A highly accurate, portable, and reusable COVID self-test for smartphones

Purdue University and IdentifySensors Biologics have partnered to create Check4-COVID™: a highly accurate, over-the-counter device intended to detect COVID-19 RNA in minutes in early and asymptomatic infections.

The device uses newly developed nanosensors, saliva, and a smartphone to pinpoint infections in minutes that current tests and home tests miss. It is intended to be sold at pharmacies at $80 for the device and $21 for each test. The system will also detect the new variants of COVID-19. This over-the-counter device is intended to be used entirely at home, at work or on the go without a lab or a prescription. You get a text message on your smartphone in minutes. And it’s accurate.

Anyone can invest — Minimum Investment $300


Biologx Proprietary Technology Rapidly Produces Insulin, Intended to sell at 70% Less Than Current Prices to the Patient

Biologx has devised unique processes for the production of Insulin that enable them to make high-quality insulin in the US at lower cost. Attractive Investment that can save lives.

Biologx has filed with the SEC to qualify their Reg A+. Make a reservation now to lock in the initial share price.

Reserve now — Minimum reservation $300

ONIT Sciences

Huge market. Unique, Patented Tech. Proven. Excellent Timing

Proprietary technology increases crop yields up to 40% while producing healthier, stronger, organic crops.

- The Organic food market is large — $45 Bill per annum in revenues, growing rapidly.

- ONIT Grow™ has shown that it can generate farmers $15 for every $1 spent on it.

- Years in the making, now is a good time to invest in this company that promises to scale up in a big way. Invest in the worldwide expansion of ONIT Grow™ now to lock in a favorable valuation while you still can!

For Accredited Investors only

Edoceo Devices

Building compact and portable test devices to detect COVID-19

Edoceo is raising $20M with their Reg A+ offering to fast-track the development of its SARS-CoV-2 Virus Test for use in Doctor’s Offices, Clinics, and Airports.

- Results in under 30 minutes

- Accurate method that greatly reduces false positive and negative results

- COVID-19 test based on RNA amplification

- Plus New Covid-19 Antigen Test

Anyone can invest — Minimum Investment $580

Manhattan Street Fund

Invest in companies developing virus tests, treatments, and vaccines and Public Offerings

By investing you enable us to invest and lend capital to select companies that are developing virus tests, medicines, vaccines and related technologies that protect the public.

The Manhattan Street Fund will work with Manhattan Street Capital by lending and investing to provide capital to enable successful Reg A+ public offerings and IPOs. We will make distributions of profit quarterly and we intend to provide monthly redemptions with reasonable limits.

For accredited investors — The Convertible Note conversion cost per Unit is $1.40 and your investment will convert into Units in the Reg A+* at the value of $4.00 (at the pre-money valuation for the Reg A+* of $50 mill). *Subject to SEC Qualification. Conversion is optional.

Anyone can make a reservation in our planned Reg A+*. Reserve $200 or more to lock in the initial Unit price.

CalTier Realty

CalTier Realty specializes in multi-family investments across the united states.

Multi-Family Real Estate Investment Fund Building a diversified multi-family real estate portfolio.

Multi-Family properties produce steady cash flows while maintaining lower volatility when compared to other real estate types. CalTier is based in San Diego California and pays quarterly distributions.

Anyone can invest — Minimum investment $500

Rod Turner, CEO

CEO Manhattan Street Capital

Rod Turner is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. CEO of Manhattan Street Capital, founder and General Partner of the Manhattan Street Fund, he helps CEOs raise capital via IPOs, Regulation A+ for Mid-Stage companies. Manhattan Street Capital, 858 366 2585

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