San Diego ICO Entrepreneurs; How to Succeed Raising Capital via Regulation Compliant ICO/STO

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Book Here. (price $99).

Topics include:

• The potential of Initial Coin Offerings

•Why does the Blockchain matter?

•What are the characteristics of the people who invest in ICOs?

•How to design a great token concept

•How to decide if your token is a security or a utility

•What’s the viewpoint of the SEC on ICOs?

•How to make your ICO work with the SEC regulations

•How to market your ICO

•Mistakes to avoid

•Key factors in making your ICO succeed long-term

•What is the future evolution of SEC compliant ICOs?

Book Here

Admission ($99) includes:

• Champagne Entrance

Light Faire

• Cocktail Mixer 5:30 pm

Event put on by LifeLounge Thanks Tim Owens!

*Manhattan Street Capital is the premier online fundraising platform and consulting service that helps ICO companies to make their SEC compliant ICO/STO. Manhattan Street Capital also helps companies make their IPO, and raise capital, using Direct Listings, Regulation A+, Regulation D, and Regulation S.

Rod has been a senior executive for two IPOs to NASDAQ (Ashton-Tate, Symantec) and has played a key role in building six startups to liquid outcomes. He built a VC firm and was an Angel Investor in Ask Jeeves, INFN, AMRS, eASIC, and Bloom Energy. He started his career as a professional electrical engineer and developed skills in all areas of business.



** Please note this event is free for Life Lounge members — no member guest pass privileges available for this event.

SPECIFIC ADDRESS (in La Jolla, San Diego) will be sent to all one week before the event.

Click HERE for our clickable indexed webinar recording on how to make your ICO SEC regulation -Compliant

Rod Turner, CEO, Manhattan Street Capital: Funding Platform & Advisory Services for IPOs, Reg A+, US regulation-compliant ICOs/STOs.

Rod is a leading expert on US regulation-compliant ICOs and making them successful.

Rod is the founder and CEO of Manhattan Street Capital, the #1 Growth Capital marketplace and advisory service for mature startups and mid-sized companies to raise capital online.

He was a senior executive for two successful tech IPOs to the NASDAQ — Symantec, and Ashton-Tate. Turner has played a key role in building startups to scale, including Symantec/Norton (SYMC), Ashton-Tate, MicroPort, Knowledge Adventure and more. He is an experienced investor who has built a Venture Capital business (Irvine Ventures) and has made angel and mezzanine investments in companies such as Bloom, Amyris (AMRS), Ask Jeeves and eASIC.

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Serial entrepreneur, leader, expert in mergers, scaling up businesses SEC compliant ICOs, Reg A+, IPOs. Optimal health. CEO

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